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Levi Meeuwenberg began his career with a bang by performing freerunning in Madonna's Confessions World Tour and Jump music video. He has worked on commercials for KSwiss, Toshiba, Ford, Comcast, Philips and was the lead actor and stuntman in an AT&T commercial directed by Michael Mann. Working with director McG, he was a parkour stunt double on the NBC show Chuck. He went on to play the character of a parkour expert on The Forgotten on ABC. Levi is a member of Team Tempest Freerunning and is most widely known through his numerous outstanding performances on the G4 game show, Ninja Warrior. And you do not want to miss his showreel! With over seven years of experience, Levi stands out in the nation and the world as a top freerunning and parkour athlete.


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